Frequently asked questions

Where can I rent my e-bike?

You can rent your e-bike right in Spello at Piazza Matteotti 12 by our official rental point or we can bring it where you want at an extra cost of € 1,80 per km, with our facilities. For any questions feel free to call us at +39 0742 651330 – +39 0742 301521 – +39 328 1010430.

What are the opening hours?

From Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

How much does it cost to rent an e-bike?

Should I rent my e-bike in advance?

It is not necessary but to avoid any kind of issues this is highly recommended.

For how long can I rent an e-bike?

For as long as you want.

Can your bring my e-bike to my hotels/homes/villas where I am staying?

Certainly, for further info simply call our numbers +39 0742 651330 – +39 0742 301521 – +39 3281010430

Which e-bike model am I renting?

We use e-bikes branded Cannondale, top of range of electric bikes. The most reliable with Bosch battery with a range of 100 km.

How does an e-bike work?

The electric bicycle can be used in two ways. You can use it like a normal bike, or you can take advantage of the pedal assistance at any time, thanks to the electric motor it carries and according to your needs.

Do I have to pedal?

You can ride normally. In the electric bicycle concept, the electric assisted pedal motor activates on its own after the first pedal and with a minimum effort you reach higher speed.

Should I wear the helmet?

The helmet is not mandatory but highly recommended. You can rent it along with the e-bike at € 3 per day/person.

What documents should I submit at the time of electric bicycle pick up?

When picking up the electric bicycle you need:

  • A valid personal document (Identity Card or Passport)
  • A Credit Card for Warranty.

You will also need to sign a special agreement.

What should I do to rent an electric bicycle?

To rent an electric bicycle you must sign an on-site agreement.

What happens if I damage an e-bike?

The customer is responsible for any damage to the rented electric bicycle, it is possible to stipulate an additional on-site insurance for such damages.

What happens if an e-bike stops working?

In the event of a malfunction of the Electric Bicycle, contact us immediately at the numbers on our website. Our operator will reach you for assistance. If it is possible you will be able to adjust the bicycle on site otherwise you will be replaced with another one.

What happens if somone steals my e-bike during the rental time?

Customer is responsible for bicycle theft.

Is there an insurance for theft?

You can make a special insurance, contact us for further information.